Tips and tricks for couponing on a tight schedule and low budget. And recipes and crafts and stuff.

Easy Homemade Tortillas

I don’t know if you know this about me but…I love Mexican food.  I could probably eat tacos every day of the week and not get tired of them.  As I’m writing this I’m wondering if I can extend my birthday weekend just a smidge and talk my mom into buying me Chipotle later.  But on those days when you can’t bribe someone with birthday guilt into buying you Chipotle the next best.. Read More

10 Delicious Birthday Cake Recipes & a Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Oh, happy Friday, lovely readers!  The BEST thing about today being Friday is that tomorrow is my birthday!!  If it was possible, 26 was a rockier year than 25 was, but every day I continue on this blogging journey I’m more and more excited to see what 27 has in store for me!  In honor of my birthday I’m bringing you a round up of some super delicious birthday cakes, frosting recipes, and.. Read More

An Award from Blogland

DIYfaerie isn’t my first trip down bloggy lane.  Over 2 years ago my wonderful friend Miriam talked me into starting a blog to give myself an outlet.  I didn’t care about engaging readers or subscribers or when to schedule pins.   Who knew that Pinterest was such a science anyway?  That’s another post for another day.  I started out on blogger, changed my blog name three times, and never posted more than probably.. Read More

10 Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

October is usually a pretty busy month for us.  We have four family birthdays, three football games, two marching band competitions, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Wait…wrong holiday.  October is also when sub jobs really start to pick up for me which is great for my wallet and not so great for all the blogging, crafting, and baking I want to do.  So by the time we get to my birthday,.. Read More

Couponing for Beginners Series: How to Use Money Saving Apps

Can you believe that we’re almost finished with our couponing series?  Me either!  We’ve talked about so much already and pretty soon you guys are going to be bouncing off to the store, coupons in hand, ready and pumped to save hundreds.  Yeah, hundreds!  You’ll hardly believe it! When I asked several good couponing friends if they’d like to contribute to this series my friend Jen jumped at this post about money saving.. Read More

Effortless Dutch Oven Bread

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned before how much yeast scares me.  But making things with yeast scares me!  Even when I come across recipes that use the word “easy” or “simple” or “effortless” {cough, cough} I never quite believe them.  So, naturally, when I came across this post that promised me that amazing looking bread in just 5 minutes I was skeptical.  No kneading?  No rising?  Yeah, right. Well, I have.. Read More

September Savings Update & a Bloggy Makeover

Hi all!  If you’ve noticed I haven’t been around much lately, thanks!  Thanks for noticing that is.  I have missed y’all!  While I was away the blog was getting a makeover and a new name!  Last week I decided to take the plunge and switch over to a self-hosted blog so I could make some changes and really make the blog mine.  Plus, with my business being active I think I was breaking.. Read More

It’s a Birthday Giveaway!

I LOVE birthdays.  Not just my birthday {although it’s pretty rockin’} but birthdays as a whole.  If I ever have chillin’s I’ll be that mom that keeps her kids home on their birthday to go out and do something fun and eat cake for breakfast and have an all day birthday celebration!  Because the day your mom did all the work and you just screamed a lot is a big deal! Today it.. Read More

Free Halloween Printables

Have we talked about how much I love Halloween?  I think my love affair with Halloween is almost as intense as my love affair with fall.  So if you understand my level of intensity about fall then you’re on the same page with how I feel about Halloween. I have been sitting on these printables for almost 3 weeks and now that I have finally finished the frame I intend to put them.. Read More

Couponing for Beginner Series: Stacking Coupons & Multiple Transactions

It’s Friday!  And that means another installment in my Couponing for Beginners Series!  Since I’ve been busy prepping to go out of town this week my amazing coupon bff, Regina is back to help me with this one!  Last week we talked about avoiding coupon fraud and respecting coupon policies, and you can read all about that very important topic here.